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Roberto Mancini won the Scudetto twice as a player and three league titles as a coach.

In 2021, he becomes European Champion as the coach of the Italian National Team.

He boasts a particular record: no one has won the Coppa Italia as many times as he did, six as a player and four as a coach. He is also the most capped player ever in this competition with 120 appearances.


1 UEFA European Football Championship
2021 EURO 2020 stemmi-icona-17 Italy
1 Turkish Cup
2013/14 Ziraat Turkey Cup stemmi-icona-17 Galatasaray
1 Premier League
2011/12 Premier League stemmi-icona-16 Manchester City
1 Community Shield
2012/13 Community Shield stemmi-icona-16 Manchester City
1 FA Cup
2010/11 FA-Cup stemmi-icona-16 Manchester City
3 Scudetto
2007/08 Serie A stemmi-icona-13 Inter
2006/07 Serie A stemmi-icona-13 Inter
2005/06 Serie A stemmi-icona-13 Inter
2 Italian Supercoppa
2005/06 Supercoppa stemmi-icona-13 Inter
2004/05 Supercoppa stemmi-icona-13 Inter
4 Coppa Italia
2005/06 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-13 Inter
2004/05 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-13 Inter
2003/04 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-15 Lazio
2000/01 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-14 Fiorentina


2 Scudetto
1999/00 Serie A stemmi-icona-15 SS Lazio
1990/91 Serie A stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria
6 Coppa Italia
1999/00 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-15 SS Lazio
1997/98 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-15 SS Lazio
1993/94 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria
1988/89 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria
1987/88 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria
1984/85 Coppa Italia stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria
2 Italian Supercoppa
1991/92 Supercoppa stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria
1998/99 Supercoppa stemmi-icona-15 SS Lazio
1 UEFA Super Cup
1999/00 UEFA Super Cup stemmi-icona-15 SS Lazio
2 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
1998/99 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup stemmi-icona-15 SS Lazio
1989/90 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup stemmi-icona-18 UC Sampdoria

Youth Sector

1 Italian Championship
1981/82 Allievi Nazionali stemmi-icona-19 Bologna FC

National Team

FIFA World Cup
Italia 1990 Bronze

Under 21 National Team

UEFA European Under 21 Championship
1986 Silver
1984 Bronze