UNICEF Ambassador


I've been UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since November 2014. Here is the reason for my nomination: “So that with his commitment to the world of sport he can raise awareness, mobilize resources and involve public opinion on childhood and adolescence issues, witnessing and promoting solidarity and supporting UNICEF initiatives.”

In the world there are too many disparities and people in need, we can not stand still. A visit to the Copenhagen UNICEF center in 2013 - with anecdotes of parentless children grown up in solitude and without a guide - struck my soul. 

Roberto Mancini #ioelamiaPigotta | january 2015


The Pigotta is a cloth doll, a special doll that can save the life of a child in a developing country. With a small donation of 20 euros everyone can adopt a Pigotta and support unicef and its life-saving programs in central and western africa. Every pigotta opens a circle of solidarity that brings together who made the doll, who adopted her and the child that, thanks to unicef, will be inserted into a program for fighting child death called: "accelerated strategy for the survival and development of childhood" 

Let's all of us support Unicef: every Pigotta that is adopted will save a life!


Mancini UNICEF Celebrity supporter for '100% - Let's Vaccinate Every Child' campaign

roberto-mancini-unicef-2Roberto Mancini is UNICEF ambassador for the '100% - Let's Vaccinate Every Child' campaign. Vaccinations are one of the most effective means to protect the health of children, and have contributed to halve the overall infant mortality rate over the past 20 years. Yet today one in five children is excluded for leaving in remote areas or belonging to particularly poor or marginal social groups. Every 20 seconds one child dies because of the lack of proper vaccine protection. UNICEF ambassadors for the '100% - Let's Vaccinate Every Child' campaign support UNICEF in their commitment to 'sound the alarm' and accelerate efforts to reach that 20% of the world's children still excluded from the benefits of basic vaccinations.

Roberto Mancini Celebrity supporter for UNICEF's 'Believe in Zero' campaign | May 2012

roberto-mancini-unicefRoberto Mancini is UNICEF Celebrity supporter for 'Believe in Zero' campaign against infant mortality.
Roberto has launched an appeal for UNICEF in a video message: "One important thing: even now, 22,000 children die every day all over the world from preventable and treatable diseases. We want to bring this down to ZERO. Just a simple vaccination is enough to save a life. With your 2 euro donation via SMS or from a landline, UNICEF will vaccinate children against polio, tetanus and measles. Donate right away at 45505. We can save lives together