What they say about me

"If Mancini doesn't play, I don't go to the stadium. I can't have fun"
Paolo Mantovani

"There has been a very intense understanding with Roberto and it continues today. Our diversity has always attracted us. He has got the qualities of a great coach, he is good at managing men and great champions".
Gianluca Vialli

"It's thanks to Roberto that I have become a coach, I owe it to him. He's like a brother to me and he's the best on the field".
Sinisa Mihajlovic

"Mancini, one of the greatest number 10s in those years".

"The best wine? The one Mancini offered me after the games was fantastic, bottles of Sassicaia".
Alex Ferguson

"I am appalled by what happened at City. How can you fire a coach who has won the Premier League and the FA Cup in three years? Finishing second in the league and reaching the FA Cup final was not enough this year? With certain ownerships there is nothing surprising, but this is not right".
Alex Ferguson

"Like a true world-class player he transformed the places where he played, he made them successful up to unimaginable levels. Then leaving them, he restored their normality, confirming that it was him who made a difference".
Mario Sconcerti

"The knotted scarf and the hair like Oscar Wilde are not just aesthetic choices, they represent a silent challenge to the brute world of stadiums".
Beppe Severgnini

"Sometimes Mancini adds what he really thinks to the many obviousnesses of football. He thinks instinctively".
Marco Ansaldo